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CallRec   $199

CallRec for iPhone allows you to record and save

any incoming and outgoing call in seconds. Easily

turn your phone conversations into handy voice

notes for later use.

Ever forgot names, numbers, dates, or places that

were mentioned during the call?

Don't always have a notebook to write important

details that come up in a phone conversation?

Tired of people denying their own words? Wouldn't

it be nice to have a phone call recording to resolve

any dispute?

Callec for iPhone - a must-have app for personal

as well as business calls.

Get CallRec for iPhone now to:

- Save every detail of each personal or business


- Access and listen to your recordings anytime,


- Share phone calls with other people and apps

Call Recorder App 


Don't miss out! Enter this trending niche with our Swift5 source code! With the growing demand for Call Recording and the success of Call Recorder for iPhone, now is the time to invest in a profitable niche and bring cutting-edge Call Recorder to your users. This premium source code offers high quality service and features, allowing you to stand out in this industry!



You will get the source code of the app (Swift Code, Twilio Functions, Twilio Flow) that you see in the video demo. Nothing more or less than what the video demo shows. You will get tutorial videos and a document on how to setup Firebase, Twilio, AppStore Connect. Feel free to ask questions before buying. The app is built using Swift and Storyboard. In-App Purchases are provided via Apple’s SoreKit framework and support Auto-Renewable subscriptions. This app is powered by Twilio. A Performant and Speedy history experience is possible thanks to our Firebase integration.


You will need a Mac computer with Xcode 14+ installed. This app requires iOS 14+. This app template is for iPhones, with no iPad support. 

You need to have some experience with IOS development, Firebase, and preferably app release process. 

You need to create a Twilio account. 

You need Firebase account 

You need developer membership ($99/year. only when it’s time to release the app on the AppStore)



Incoming calls:

When an incoming call, click answer. Without interruption the connection, run the application. 

Tap on record/call button in the application

Confirm the application with assist phone number 

After connecting to assist phone number, click “Merge Calls” button. The conversation is being recorded!


Outgoing calls:

Tap on record/call button in the application 

Confirm the application with assist phone number 

After connecting to assist phone number, click “Add Call” button to add contact you want to call 

After connecting to select contact phone number, click “Merge Calls” button. The conversation is being recorded! 




You’ll be using a verified Twilio phone number. You can add to call (record incoming call) or call this phone number (record outgoing call). 

When you call this phone number, it will trigger Twilio flow. (You will setup on Twilio console)

Within this flow, it will call Firebase function to detect if user is Subscribed. 

Once it detect that user is subscribed, it will start recording. 

As soon as the calls ends, the flow will trigger save_to_firebase function that will save recording info to Firebase database. 

The app has listeners to any changes happens on Firebase Database. Therefore, when recording is added to user’s recordings section, the recording list in the app will refresh and it will show the new recording. 


To view the app, please visit:

Ready to buy source code?

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